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  • I was fishing an overflow lake on the Yellow River. I never expected there to be bowfin that far north. I was fishing for Northern or Musky using a small bluegill on a circle hook below a bobber. I had pulled the bait in an had it dangling about 3 inches into the water as I dealt with an issue on my second pole. Thank God I set the bait drag though, as the next thing I know the drag is screaming as this fish had grabbed the sunny and was pulling out line. I damn near fell out of the kayak, I was so surprised. This beast fought like a truck, better than any Northern I'd ever landed. It was 5 lb. 4 oz. Three quick pictures (sorry they are bad; I had no way to hold it with one hand without sticking my thumb in it's teeth) and a quick weight, and I sent it on its way back to the lake. First bowfin and I'm the one who is hooked.
    TaleSpinner - 6/27/22
  • Cannot tell what this is
    Walrus475 - 5/31/22
  • Just fish
    Lawrence - 5/30/22
  • watac2000 - 5/26/22
  • andy - 5/10/22
  • Jacopo - 5/5/22
  • andy - 5/3/22
  • Caught in eastern nc
    darrell bosarge - 4/29/22
  • andy - 3/15/22
  • My first buffalo fish! Caught on a rooster tail. 2-1-2022
    BanjoTrout - 2/18/22