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  • Rave319 - 6/20/17
  • Dogfish and sheepshead
    Rave319 - 6/20/17
  • Northern Catcher - 6/14/17
  • Killed on the river today.
    tom - 6/12/17
  • Jknuth - 6/12/17
  • Logperch28 - 6/10/17
  • 16-17" Fallfish
    JeffNBetty - 6/7/17
  • Columbia River OR fishing from the Port of the Dalles and landing not one but three white sturgeon all longer than my height of 68inches. The largest fish went 84 inches, all fish released. I was so gassed that I ask the charter boat captain to end the day early, I could not reel in another fish after the leaping giants wore me out. forearms, gone....biceps, gone. took three days to recover (which was appropriate since it was a three fish day) Glorious day and I was the only fisherman on the boat. Cant believe they jump and breach the surface the way they do.
    JediMasterSalmonSlayer - 6/6/17
  • Jknuth - 6/3/17
  • Micropterus salmoides caught on ultrlight spinning tackle and a Hula Popper at Klein Collins High School campus, Harris County, Texas, USA. A place well-known for all kinds of roughfish gives me this prima donna sport fish as my first entry!
    Lepomis - 6/2/17