100 Species have been registered by the Field!  What a month.  Everybody is posting all kinds of cool fish, and enjoying the ofiicial Month of the Roughfisher.  Moose439 is in the midst of a gonzo Roughfishing bender the likes of which has never been seen in the 10 years this contest has been held.  Can he hold the lead for another 2 days?  Will a late-minute sandbagger from Missouri or Florida foil his plans?  Congrats to all competitors, you have proven again why roughfish.com is the best angling community on the Web!  Stay tuned for the historic finale, folks.


Check out the full Leaderboard HERE.

The Kid's Division is a wild contest with some awesome young talent this year...see that Leaderboard HERE.

There has been 100 different species registered by the Field, see the list HERE.