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  • Mike B - 2/3/18
  • Was fighting a nice dolly varden on the Kenai River and my 6 wt snapped in the butt section. I played the fish and my buddy Dennis reeled in the line.....we finally got the pest in. These other two dollies were caught in the same spot...the one is really dark.
    DocEsox - 2/3/18
  • tom - 2/3/18
  • tom - 2/2/18
  • FP4LifesDad - 1/21/18
  • Eric Kol - 1/11/18
  • Jason E. - 1/3/18
  • Caught on the St. Croix River with assistance from JK. This one was a bit over 15#.
    KPE - 1/3/18
  • taldridge0321 - 1/1/18
  • Outdoors4life - 12/29/17