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<p>I just want to say ill be on hiatus for a while. things needed to be sorted out and i may be gone for a LONG while so this is just a bye to the community ..... for&nbsp; a while <img alt="cheeky" height="20" src="http://roughfish.com/~roughfis/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/tounge_smile.gif" title="cheeky" width="20" />&nbsp;and also to the admin plz dont delete my account due inactivity... everyone ill miss ya</p> <p>happyfishing</p>
the pyromaniac
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Good luck Omar!
Good luck Omar!




Let there be fire!

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Did the aliens finally come to get ya?

Did the aliens finally come to get ya?  Well, at least they gave you fair warning so you could say goodbye to your fishing buds...


Good luck to you with whatever, you will be back fishing before you know it.

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Best of Luck

Good fishing, sir!