Master List of Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in. This should make it much easier for people to upload pictures of new or unknown fish, and it will also make it quicker and easier for the admins to process them as they come in. Once they are completed, they drop off the front page, so you can view them all here. You can use the boxes at the top of the list to filter the list, if desired.
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Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned Edit link Closed Without Identification
BradleyR 3/20/20 Gudgeon, Southern Purplespotted Mogurnda adspersa Micro Gudgeon, Southern Purplespotted No
BradleyR 3/20/20 unknown fish Periophthalmus argentilineatus Micro Mudskipper, Barred No
BradleyR 3/20/20 Rainbowfish, Eastern Melanotaenia splendida Micro Rainbowfish, Eastern No
BradleyR 3/20/20 Fortescue, Eastern Centropogon australia Micro Fortescue, Eastern No
BradleyR 3/20/20 unknown fish Anguilla reinhardtii Standard Eel, Speckled Longfin No
BradleyR 3/20/20 unknown fish Monodactylus argenteus Standard Moonfish, Silver No
BradleyR 3/20/20 Seargeant, Bengal Abudefduf bengalensis Standard Sergeant, Bengal No
BradleyR 3/20/20 unknown fish Herklotsichthys castelnaui Micro Herring, Castelnau's No
BradleyR 3/20/20 Wrasse, Moon Thalassoma lunare Micro Wrasse, Moon No
BradleyR 3/20/20 unknown fish Neoarius graeffei Standard Catfish, Blue Salmon No
BradleyR 3/19/20 unknown fish Terapon jarbua Micro Grunter, Crescent-banded No
BradleyR 3/19/20 Blue Eye, Pacific Pseudomugil signifer Micro Blue Eye, Pacific No
Species.Spotlight 2/26/20 Large Scaled Spinycheek sleeper Eleotris amblyopsis Micro Sleeper Goby, Large Scaled Spinycheek No
BradleyR 2/24/20 Halibut, Greenland Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Standard Halibut, Greenland No
Steve Horgan 2/11/20 Spotted sunfish Lepomis punctatus Standard Sunfish, Spotted No
Steve Horgan 2/11/20 Red Devil Cichlid Amphilophus Labiatus Standard Cichlid, Red Devil No
Steve Horgan 2/11/20 coppernose bluegill leponus macrochirus purpurescens Standard Sunfish, Bluegill No
FL_snooker305 2/7/20 Southern eagle ray Myliobatis goodei Standard Ray, Southern Eagle No
NickP27 1/18/20 Snapper, Bluestripe Lutjanus kasmira Standard Snapper, Bluestripe No
NickP27 1/18/20 Goatfish, Gold-saddle Parupeneus cyclostomus Standard Goatfish, Gold-saddle No
NickP27 1/18/20 Quakerfish Malacanthus brevirostris Micro Quakerfish No
NickP27 1/18/20 Squirrelfish, Blue Lined Sargocentron tiere Standard Squirrelfish, Blue Lined No
NickP27 1/18/20 Frillgoby, Cocos Bathygobius cocosensis Micro Frillgoby, Cocos No
NickP27 1/18/20 Bonefish, Sharpjaw Albula virgata Standard Bonefish, Sharpjaw No
BradleyR 12/23/19 Croaker, Squint-eyed Ophioscion strabo Standard Croaker, Squint-eyed No