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Updated date: 2/6/17
Humpback chub gila cypha


A large western swiftwater minnow, the alien-looking Humpback Chub was once found throughout the Colorado River system, mainly in the Grand Canyon. The introduction of invasive trout, water temperature pollution, and water flow diversion has severely impacted their range and abundance. The largest remaining population of Humpback Chubs is in the Little Colorado River, although it can also be found in the Green and Yampa.


Refuge populations of Humpback Chub have been established in Shinumo Creek and Havasu Creek, in the Grand Canyon. These rare fish now thrive in the beautiful and idylllic wonderland of Havasu Canyon, looked after by the Havasupai Tribe, and in the remote and rugged Shinumo Creek. Another creek - Bright Angel - is being evaluated for additional Humpback Chub translocations. Efforts to eradicate the invasive trout from bright Angel Creek continue; Bright Angel had formerly been badly infested with trout. Someday, we hope, a true world-class all-American native-species fishery will exist in these places.



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Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program,

US Fish and Wildlife Service

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