Wisconsin Madison-Milwaukee Roughfishing

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Wisconsin Madison-Milwaukee Roughfishing
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>My wife and I are maybe 4-5 years away from retirement. &nbsp;If all goes according to plan, cold months will be spent down in Texas, but the rest of the year up in Wisconsin. &nbsp;We&#39;re fortunate to be flexible. &nbsp;We&#39;re looking for any town in the Madison to Milwaukee area that has shopping and dining for her and fish, fish, river fish, roughfish for me. &nbsp;Any suggestions?</p> <p>Thanks!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Jason E.
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There's some pretty nice

There's some pretty nice roughfish water in that area.  The Rock, Crawfish, and Yahara rivers all have carp, bullheads, channel catfish and sheepshead (drum).  There's bowfin in the Yahara too.  All of these rivers have some pretty abundant access points near bridges and parks.  Of course, a short drive away from Madison is the Wisconsin River, a premier roughfish water by any measure.  There's a huge abundance of species there, including catfish, buffalo, sturgeon, redhorse, and even the famed blue sucker (tough to find and tougher to catch, but it's present).  

Johnson Creek is a decent place for outlet shopping, and it's super close to several access points on the Rock River.  Various malls and shopping centers in Madison are also close to the Yahara River.  

As far as lakes go, Lake Kegonsa and several lakes in and near Madison are solid fishing spots.  Best of luck!d

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The Baraboo River (Baraboo)

The Baraboo River (Baraboo) is a short drive northwest of Madison.

Any fish species is worth catching.

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Fishing the Boo

I've fished the Baraboo on several occasions, and I'd like a species account on it if you have fished it much at all. Fishing on my part of the Boo is not good but I've caught yellow perch, green sunfish, bluegill, channel catfish, common carp, silver redhorse (Not on my lifelist for lack of a photograph, but it was a silver), shorthead redhorse, and freshwater drum, as well as common shiner, golden shiner, and emerald shiner. Any other info or tips to bring me more fish would be greatly appreciated, as of currently I hook one fish for every 4 hours or so on the Baraboo.

I am a hunter of many species. Not a very good hunter of many species, but a hunter nonetheless.