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<p>My girlfriend wanted to celebrate her birthday this last weekend by going on a road trip and as usual it turned into a fishing trip, I had set the bar low by turning any previous &#39;romantic&#39; weekends into a fishing trip so she wasn&#39;t surprised that we found some &#39;scenic&#39; and &#39;romantic&#39; rivers to stop by after visiting my parents in Minnesota.</p> <p>First I fished the Root River near my parents house in southeast Minnesota, no micros were biting but I caught the usual redhorse and suckerfish. Here&#39;s my brother with a White Sucker, still showing the spawning band on it&#39;s side.</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/Macabil/2012-04-0195084017800x600.jpg" /></p> <p>Next we stopped at Black River Falls in Wisconsin, &#39;Kingfisher&#39; had caught Finescale Dace near here on a lake, so I was hoping to find this beautiful fish. I saw lots of dace but couldn&#39;t get a bite, but I did catch two new lifelisters, the aggressive Central Mudminnow and Brook Stickleback.</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/Macabil/photo1800x602.jpg" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/Macabil/photo4800x598.jpg" /></p> <p>Next I tried some creeks near Beloit, Wisconsin looking for the Redside Dace, but ended up with alot of Common Shiner, Creek Chub and Southern Redbelly Dace.</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/Macabil/photo6800x601.jpg" /></p> <p>My girlfriend entertained herself with apps and taking photos of Margo the dog.</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/Macabil/photo800x800.jpg" /></p> <p>And I finally paid for my sins of fishing on her birthday&nbsp;by spending the rest of the day shopping at Ikea and Home Goods in Chicago.</p>
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well done!!! to be able to

well done!!! to be able to still get 2 lifers in one day is amazing when you have already got so many.