Whitefish, Round roughfish29



Date Caught: 
Saturday, April 25, 2015


Outdoors4life's picture

Congrats on your round!

It is all perspective!

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Mike B's picture

A difficult catch rewarded. Congrats man!

mike b

Hengelaar's picture

Man, that is a sweet catch!

Congrats, dude. Damn, Coregonids look so cooooooool.


Nice notes, too.

Fishn sure is neat

TonyS's picture

Nice! Must be spring for real now, with these tough catches coming in
Corey's picture

Great catch! That's one of the most chllenging midwestern species around.

Eli's picture

Well done, 29!




Dr Flathead's picture

Sweet!  Nice one and congrats.  Hope to try for them soon myself. 

Carp Chaser's picture

That's a nice catch! what a sleek looking fish.

"There's always a bigger fish"

roughfish29's picture

Thanks guys! Still can't believe I got one. Hope to have a report up soon
D.T.'s picture

Very nice fish and behind it a very happy smile. Just cant see it. Good job Benito.

andy's picture

Awesome catch dude!