White Suckers are Spawning in SE MN

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White Suckers are Spawning in SE MN
<p>I was out on two area rivers during the last couple of days, and the white sucker spawn is in full swing.&nbsp; It appears they weren&#39;t able to get into the tribs where they normally spawn; instead they were in the mainstem in areas I had never witnessed them&nbsp; spawning before.&nbsp; What a crazy mixed up year this is shaping up to be.</p> <p>I was watching the action from a high-up vantage point, and I could see golden redhorse actively feeding in the redds.&nbsp; I assumed they were chowing down on sucker eggs, but I didn&#39;t actually catch one and check out its stomach contents.&nbsp; Occassionally a few whites would swarm around golden and try to gently nudge them out of the redd, and &quot;escort&quot; them out of the area.&nbsp; I&#39;d never seen such a thing before, but I witnessed it numerous times the other night.</p> <p>So much for the sucker run this year, at least down here in the SE?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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very interesting. i've never

very interesting. i've never seen that before

Tyler W
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Pretty cool. I caught some

Pretty cool. I caught some whites in the cities yesterday. Mine were just developing tubercles. I guess it won't be long until they get into the mood.

Thanks for the update. I like to hear what is spawning where. It is a sad feeling to get out to your favorite spot only to find the reds empty and the run over... 

Jason E.
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This is all happening so

This is all happening so early.  It will be interesting to see what will be biting at the roundup.  Maybe even a few channel cats, if the weather stays warm?

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I was wondering about the

I was wondering about the round-up bite myself and what about the water level? How will all this warm weather effect the bite?

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Too early up here still

I checked a couple of my go-to spring sucker spots the other day.  They looked real good other than some dirtying from run-off and a lack of fish.....didn't see a single one!

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The roundup could be

The roundup could be interestingly different this year.  More of the summer species might show up - cats, gar, shovelers, carp, sauger, etc.  Heard from a good source that lots of silver redhorse are spawning way down in the lower reaches in the Zumbro this year.  I didn't see any spawning activity in a couple of the traditional spawning tribs while out looking.  An outing on the Root today yielded up some spent suckers of various species (white, hog, golden) and a few that were ready to go. 

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Whitefish eat sucker egss

The white suckers spawn here in the Northwest Territories the first ten days or so of June at one of my fav places this time of year -- Martin Lake. Several dozen suckers at a time enter a stream at the head of the lake to spawn. We don't have redhorse but we do have lake whitefish and they move in to eat the eggs. The suckers can be caught on a nymph fly slowling drifting along the bottom but the more aggressive whitefish usually grab it before the suckers have a chance. A lot of fun is had in any event.

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