Week 8: Improvised Lure Challenge for Pinefish123 Created: Sat, 07/25/2020 - 16:14 Default: No

I'm not a fly tier but tied some crude flies with stuff I got out of my wife's craft closet, black felt, blue rubber bands, and some sewing thread. I now have a greater respect for fly tiers, because I found it is not easy. I suspect having the right tools would help a lot. I made a small and large version of the same thing with a black felt body. The planets aligned for me when I went to a local lake to try them out. There was a huge flying ant hatch/swarm that decended upon the lake and nearly every kind of fish on the lake was going nuts for them. It was all by luck that my "flies" matched them pretty close. I caught green sunfish and common carp on the small version. I'm glad I made several of each size because I had large carp bust me off twice. The third hookup was the charm and landed my first carp on a flyrod. That was a hoot! Then I caught smallmouth bass (lots of them) and a channel catfish on the large version.

I also created a homemade jig by squeezing a splitshot onto a regular baitholder hook, then tying yarn and rubberband legsĀ onto it. Caught a black bullhead on that.

This challenge made me feel like a kid again. Thanks. I don't know how well I would have done though if it was not for the flying ant feeding frenzy.

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