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To make this easier I'll list most of the micros with ID keys, then the standard species in no particular order. EDIT: turns out fish #20, which I thought was a creek chub, is actually a horny head chub. Graceclaw, thank you for providing correct identification - this is a lifer for me! 1.) Emerald shiner. The emerald shiner has scales that shed easily, a greenish-blue lateral line, and a white belly.  2.) Silver chub. The silver chub has an inferior, horizontal mouth where the upper lip is seperated from the snout, and the back is a pale green that fades to silver on the sides and whitish on the belly. 3.) Spotfin shiner. The spotfin shiner has yellow pelvic and pectoral fins, and diamond shaped scales.  4.) Bluegill 5.) Pumpkinseed sunfish 6.) Northern pike 7.) Smallmouth bass 8.) Green sunfish 9.) Common carp 10.) Shortnose gar 11.) Shorthead redhorse 12.) Walleye 13.) Freshwater drum 14.) Golden redhorse 15.) Black bullhead, with an extra photo of the barbels to prove ID. 16.) Channel catfish 17.) Black crappie 18.) Largemouth bass 19.) Rainbow trout 20.) Hornyhead chub. The horny head chub has no dot of pigmentation on the dorsal fin, a prominent black dot at the base of the caudal fin, the scales are large and uniform, and there is a distinct red dot behind the eye 21.) Brown Trout 22.) Silver redhorse - should be IDable from the lips, caudal fin, convex dorsal fin and silver scales. Didn't realize the photo didn't show it in profile until I released the fish.

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You've actually got a Hornyhead there, not a Creek Chub. You can tell by the scales, but most notably the dot in front of the causal and lack of dorsal dot. Not that it matters, since it doesn't affect your species count anyway. Well done this week - that's an impressive number of Standards for one week in the middle of July. 

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Graceclaw, thank you for pointing out that fish number 20 was actually a hornyhead chub. I've corrected the name and added ID keys. This is also a lifer for me, so I'm quite excited. Thanks!

All fish are beautiful.