Week 7: Catch-22 for Fishallday Created: Sun, 07/19/2020 - 20:14 Default: No

So I have 6 micros on this list and I will go through the defining features of them.  #1 striped shiner, looks just like a common shiner but black stripes develop on the sides of them as they get larger.

#2 horny head chub looks just like a river chub but breeding makes will have a red or orange spot behind there eye.

#3 mottled sculpin looks just like a banded sculpin bust its bands are mutch less defined and has more of a mottled color.

#4 black stripe top minnow looks just like a black spotted topminmow but its fine are more rounded the lateral line ends o  the bottom jaw and it has way fewer black spots.

#5 bluntnose minnow looks a lot like a baby creek chub but its face is much more compressed and it has a obvious black spot right at the base of the tail

#6 spot fin shiner looks just like a steel color shiner but the black spot on the dorsal fin immediately gives it away

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