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Pictures are in chronological order. On Monday, I had some time in the morning so decided to crank out some of my local species. From the creek system in my neighborhood, I got largemouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, creek chub, green sunfish, spottail shiner, eastern blacknose dace, tessellated darter (not pictured), common shiner, and pumpkinseed. Monday evening, I spent some time bullhead fishing, which resulted in two brown bullhead and countless american eels. I had hoped for yellow bullhed and white catfish as well, but the rig-destroying eels eventually sent me home. Tuesday night, I caught my yellow bullhead (on Spam!) and a mess of channel catfish. Thursday afternoon, I went out in search of fallfish and striped bass, but found neither. Instead, I got a satinfin shiner and a baby american shad, which unfortunately beat itself up pretty bad before I realized what it was. On the way home I made a quick pit stop for black crappie and white perch, which were very cooperative after sunset. Friday was super busy, but I had just enough time to go to the canal and catch a chain pickerel. Saturday, I took a short trip south to the Barrens to try to find redfin pickerel, which would be a lifer, but instead, I got golden shiner, banded sunfish, and bluespotted sunfish (and much more chain pickerel trying to find a redfin). Tough challenge this week, but lots of fun!

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I see you flexing on us poor Minnesotans who can't use more than one line, with your double Channel Cat pic. I see you.