Week 7: Catch-22 for Carp Chaser Created: Sun, 07/19/2020 - 23:10 Default: No

1. Common Carp  (2 pics)

2. Green Sunfish

3. White Sucker 

4. Rock Bass 

5. Bluegill 

6. Creek Chub 

7. Northern Pike 

8. Pumpkinseed

9. Yellow Bullhead

10. Golden Redhorse

11. Smallmouth Bass

12. Yellow Perch

13. Channel Catfish 

14. Fathead Minnow 

15. Black Bullhead

16. Spotfin Shiner (2 pics)

17. Orangespotted Sunfish (2 pics)

18. Largemouth Bass

19. Blackside Darter

20. Black Crappie

21. Golden Shiner

22. Hornyhead Chub

23. Common Shiner 


Micro characteristics: 

Fathead Minnow: Large body proportions, dark head breeding coloration

Spotfin Shiner: (female) Faint mark on the dorsal fin, similar body shape as golden shiner

Orangespotted Sunfish: orange spots on silver scales, white opercle border

Blackside Darter: dark blotches along side of body 

Hornyhead Chub: large scales vs. Creek chub, lacks spot on dorsal fin, orange spot by eye

Common Shiner: tall scales with some dark sections of scales, Large body 

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