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Started off at Powderhorn Lake, 2.8 miles away as the crow flies. Met up with E-Kol with high hopes to find some of the more fun species sampled there in the past but found it an algae-fied mess. Immediately caught a bluegill, which Eric had been fishing for 45 minutes for, proceeded to catch 2 more including the one pictured. He walked away with no bluegill. We were joined by 3 large snapping turtles and 2 painted turtles and a very cute small snapper. I've lived within 7 minutes of the St Anthony Falls area but haven't actually fished it, so I went below the Excel plant and caught 6 feisty-fun Channels on a float but no drum or smallmouth. Finished up half a mile downstream of home trying for the Pool 1 Special (guthooked smallmouth bass) and got it, but also got a freaking baby Flathead, only my second ever. They aren't really supposed to be in this stretch of the Mississippi, so it was quite an exciting catch. I had a blast walking around and fishing places I've had pinned but never had the energy to try. Great challenge, great fishing, another excellent week in this contest! I included 6 species because the Green was a hybrid but looked so cool I wanted to post it. 

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