Week 5: Water Cleanup Week for Carp Chaser Created: Mon, 07/06/2020 - 00:30 Default: No

1. Yellow Perch

2. Bluegill

3. Green Sunfish

4. Pumpkinseed

5. Black Crappie


Found lots of trash at a local lake and caught 5 standard size species without much trouble. Wading around the shoreline you would be surprised at the amount of rusty cans, plastic bottles, bait containers and misc. items too heavy to carry out (cinder block). Some of the stuff is certainly covered by the sediment on the bottom so is not even visible. Some is also concealed by the bushes along shore. Kind of fun to see what kind of relics might show up (antiques). Also got a bonus beer can bobber floating alongside the weeds. 

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