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Monday, June 22: I had a lab meeting in the afternoon, so in the early morning I walked to the local creek after tessellated darters. The creek was a little high and turbid from all the rain we've been getting, so it took a while to find one that would stay pinned. After the darter, I quickly caught a small green sunfish, and biked to another nearby spot on the creek for redbreast sunfish and rock bass. I figured I'd get two other sunfish species later, so went home after I got my targets. In the evening, I went to a nearby lake for bluegills, black crappie, white perch, and bullheads. Bluegills were out in force, and white perch came to the surface in big schools as soon as the sun dipped beneath the treeline. Oddly enough, the crappie didn't show, meaning I'd still have to catch another sunfish species later. A bluegill head on the bottom found an old bruiser of a brown bullhead as it got darker. Tuesday, June 23: Classes in the morning and afternoon meant I only had a couple hours of daylight left to try for chain pickerel at the local canal. I got distracted by a pumpkinseed for a while, which I got to bite after a while of waving various lures in front of its face. Small, shiny jerkbaits burned in the shallows and covering water quickly found the pickerel. Really fun challenge this week, I enjoyed the bingo aspect and the increased amount of fishing necessary to complete it; kudos to the admins for putting this one together! (which must of been hard given the different locations of participants). 

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That' was fast. Great catches.

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Thanks Corey!

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Nice work.