Week 4: Roughfish Bingo!

Roughfish Bingo Challenge: During the week, complete any row of 5 (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) on the roughfish bingo card!

Roughfish Bingo Card

Roughfish Bingo Rules

You are trying to get any row of 5 squares, horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. If you get the full row of 5, you get ten points. If you fail, you still get 1 point per square forming a row. Whatever your longest row is, that's your score.

You need to submit photos of all qualifying fish as well as the bingo card filled out.

As always, all fish must be caught legally on hook and line only.


Hogsucker or Pikeminnow: Any hogsucker (Northern, Alabama, Roanoke) or any Pikeminnow (Northern, Umpqua, Sacramento).

Bowfin: Amia calva

Drum Drum Drum: Catch 3 individual freshwater drum.

Salmonid Family: Anything in the family Salmonidae, which are all included on the species page under Salmonids - includes all the whitefishes, ciscos, trouts, chars, graylings, and salmons.

Madtom: Any madtom. Includes stonecats. Genus noturus. We're going to throw in the invasive Walking Catfish and Brown Hoplo here, too, for folks in Florida.

Chub or Fallfish: Anything called a "chub" in the genus Semotilus, Platygobio, Macrhybopsis, Erimystax, or Nocomis (creek chub, bullchub, hornyhead, shoal, gravel, flathead, fallfish, etc.) plus any of the western chubs in the genus Gila.

Redhorse Slam: Three species of moxostoma called Redhorse. Redhorse Page.

Eel or Burbot: Any genus Anguillidae eel or Lota lota.

Large Catfish: A blue, channel, flathead, or wels catfish, or any other large catfish species such as the redtail catfish or goonch.

Sturgeon: Any species of sturgeon.

Mooneye, Goldeye, or Shad: Any member of genus Hiodon or Alosa/Dorosoma. Species Page.

10 Species of Micros: Any fish species classified as "micro" on roughfish.com count for this. Includes shiners, minnows, killifishes, mudminnows, sticklebacks, madtoms, gobies, etc. Remember, creek chubs and golden shiners are not micros, but hornyhead chubs and common shiners are!

Carp: Any carp - Common, Crucian, Prussian, Grass, Bighead, Silver, or Black, including ornamental varieties of Carp and Goldfish. They are listed on the Species Page for carps.

Black and White Crappie: Black and White crappie, both.

Golden Shiner: Notemegonus crysoleucas or Rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus

Sculpin or Darter: Any member of the following genuses: Myoxocephalus, Cottus, Percina, Crystallaria, Etheostoma, Nothonotus, or Ammocrypta.

White/Yellow/Striped Bass: Any member of genus Morone or their hybrids. Includes the white perch as well.

5 Species of Sunfish: Any 5 species from genuses Pomoxis, Lepomis, Centrarchis, Ambloplites, Archoplites, Elassoma, Enneacanthus, or Acantharchus. They are listed on the Sunfish Page.

Pike, Musky, or Pickeral: Any member of genus Esox.

Bullhead: Any member of Ameirus. Black, brown, yellow, flat, snail, white catfish, spotted.

Rock Bass (Goggle Eye): Any Ambloplites or the warmouth Lepomis gulosus ,

Gar: Lepisosteus or Atracosteus.

Buffalo: Any Ictiobus

Sucker Sucker Sucker: Three individuals belonging to any of the catostomids known as suckers, including carpsuckers, hogsuckers, redhorse suckers, jumprocks, and chubsuckers. No buffalo.

20 Pounder: A single fish of any species that weighs 20 pounds or more. Take a photo of the scale, and use a weigh bag if necessary.

In the case of confusion or misunderstanding, the judge's decisions are final.



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Monday, June 22, 2020 to Sunday, June 28, 2020
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