Week 3: Fishing up the Food Chain for tucunare Created: Mon, 06/22/2020 - 05:21 Default: No

While my boys were out catching blacktail shiners on Wednesday, this working girl had to content herself with juvy sunfish as my baitfish. I caught a longear on Friday at Champion Lake at Trinity River NWR in Liberty County, TX, then followed it up the next day  with a Warmouth out of Peach Creek and a couple of Bluegills and a bunch of greenies at Jones State Forest in Montgomery County,  Texas, within the San Jacinto River Basin. I used an Ugly Stik Dock Runner ultralight spinning combo with a #8 Snell  rig baited alternately with mealworms or soldierfly grubs. 

I then used one of the greenies to catch a Channel Cat out of Peach Creek. This beautiful fish was caught using a Zebco 33/Shakespeare Durango spincast combo with a bobber, small pinch weight, and 1/0 Munstad hook inserted in the greenie's causal peduncle.

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