Walleye Desert Angler



Upper Lake Mary, Arizona
Date Caught: 
Sunday, June 25, 2017


IvanTortuga's picture

Okay I need details on this guy because I haven't been able to catch anything out of Mary in the last month. Which part of the lake at what time of day. Give me all the info!

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I didn't start fishing until 9:00am but you should probably start earlier as I heard the bite is best in the early morning. I was fishing out of a kayak and launched from the Narrows boat ramp ($9 fee). I hugged the shoreline about 20 to 30 feet from shore in water that was 10 - 15 feet deep. I used half a nightcrawler on a bright pink/red jighead that I fished off the bottom. I would reel your bait up about 2 feet off  of the bottom as it is very rocky and snags easily. The wind was blowing my kayak to the southeastern part of the lake so I just kept my bait a few feet off the bottom as I drifted. I would definitely talk to the guys in the general store by Lower Lake Mary. They were very helpful and suggested how I caught my walleye. 

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Are they all that tiny? It's almost kinda cute. Almost.

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Not all of them. The lake does produce some that even rival walleyes from the Midwest. It was my first walleye so it was huge to me.