A trip to Naples Florida

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A trip to Naples Florida
I'm going to Naples in April and plan to do a lot of fishing. I will do on day of exotics like chichlids. And maybe try some for some gar. But there doesn't seem to be many rough fish in southern Florida. There 3 species that I would like to add to my life list, shadow bass, longear sunfish and spotted sunfish. Does anyone know if they're near Naples FL
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There should be Spotted

There should be Spotted Sunfish in that area. No Shadow Bass or longears though

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I live in the neighboring

I live in the neighboring town of Fort Myers.  You might find spotted sunfish, I've caught them off alligator alley and off US41 (tamiami trail).   Naples isn't really known for its freshwater fishing. There are areas that have peacock bass though.  


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The Myakka River is not too far away

I caught my one and only Florida Gar there, but none of the other species you are after.





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You can easily get spotted

You can easily get spotted sunfish and Florida gar around there. And several cichlids and tilapia. Just find a place where you can pull off the the Tamiami Trail and fish without getting run over.


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