Tilapia, Mozambique nchull



Miami, Florida
Date Caught: 
Saturday, June 23, 2018


pmk00001's picture

Mozambique Tilapia don't have stripes on the tail like this fish does, perhaps a Nile or Blue tilapia (or hybrid).

uconn fishhead's picture

Yeah, it looks like one of those two, but do you tell which one? (Nile or Blue?). In Robbins et al. 2018 and browsing Internet photos, most of the Nile Tilapia appear to have stronger banding on the tail than the Blues, although I can find no printed reference to that effect.  Does anyone think there's anything to that thought? (I'm sure it's a trait that can vary)

Kenman's picture

thats most likely a nile. Blue and mozambique don't have bars like that on the tail