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Susquehanna Redhorse
<p>Has anyone caught a redhorse in the Susquehanna or any of its tributaries? I&#39;m probably going to write a rough waters report on the Susquehanna at some point, and although PA fish and boat claims that the river has redhorse, I&#39;ve only ever caught white suckers and the odd hog nose.</p>
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I didn't catch any there, but I caught them in French Creek and some other Susquehanna tribs. Oops, scratch that, French is not a trib of the Susquehanna. You should talk to J Dunfee.

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Brunner Island

I never usually post but I do read every post you guys put up here on Roughfish. When I lived in Harrisburg for a couple years, I used to fish the Susquehanna 4-5 days a week. I caught 2 Shorthead Redhorse (the only two I ever caught in my life) on the warm water discharge channel at Brunner Island power plant in York Haven. I remember I even had to post them to this site for an ID since I had no idea what they were. Thanks to you guys on this site, I got an ID on a lifer. I was using crawlers to catch Bluegill to then use for Flatheads, but got a "cool looking sucker of some sort" instead. I know they are extremely common for the other members here, but after that day, I never seen let alone caught another one. 


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You didn't post what portion

You didn't post what portion you're fishing it takes 5 1/2 hours to drive across PA and the Susquehanna flows through a lot of that. My particular portion near Scranton area doesn't hold redhorse or if it does they are excellent professional level hiders also you have to wade through the endless channel catfish which are extremely abundent in high levels (probably due to heavy poullution). I've heard of the odd Northern Hogsucker and as you go further south toward Harrisburg evidently Hogsuckers get more common. Places like Minnesota produce Hogsucker like we catch bluegills here in PA. I'd imagine that if redhorse may be present, they are extremely "uncommon", but again....I haven't fished the entirety of the susquehanna, you'd need to be more speicfic.


Oddly enough I have saw Shorthead Redhorse caught near the tidal portion to the susquehanna in Maryland.I've heard of Snakehead and Flathead Catfish caught in Southern portion but are entirely absent in Northern reigions.  Again....its big where are you fishing?


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decades ago, when I wasn't

decades ago, when I wasn't too concerned w/ species ID, I caught some not-quite-Whites (too golden, too large-scaled, too red-finned) in Susky tribs (S. PA / N. MD)...  in hindsight, I'm pretty sure they were redhorse

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Location, location, location

Deftik, the primary stretch I fish is a little south of Harrisburg, but I've also fished the upper river, the Susquehanna flats (below Conowingo Dam), and in several large tributaries and many smaller ones. I will probably talk about the upper river in the article, though, and I'm definitely writing about the central and tidal sections.

As far as the invasives, I've tried for flatheads a few times and seen a couple landed, and blues are uncommon but definitely present in the tidewater. I haven't seen any real proof of snakeheads, but their are some real scary rumours floating around in the Harrisburg stretch and below Conowingo. Honestly though, at least half of what lives in the Susquehanna basin isn't supposed to be there.

I'll probably organize the article by species, and I'm thinking I'll probably split it into anadromis species, black bass, carp, catfish, invasive species, pan fish, trout, and walleye.

If I forgot any species, or if you have any other information, (especially on the upper river, which I don't know that much about) please tell me. 


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Rough Waters

Dude, I can't wait to read your Rough Waters story about the Susq!  Maybe you could get some good quotes from other members who have fished it.

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Rough Waters

Thanks! I'll start working on the report soon, but it might be a couple of months before I have it up. 

If anyone would like to donate some pictures, (especially if anyone has a Susquehanna flathead picture) that would be great.