Sunfish, Redbreast Gr8b8



Accotink creek, VA
Date Caught: 
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Strains, Subspecies, and Hybrids: 


uconn fishhead's picture

Wow!  That's a cool color morph.  The weird color makes it hard to ID, but it looks more like a redbreast than a green to me.  The opercular flap is not long (yet) because it is young.

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Not sure if a redbreast or green, but it’s definitely showing traits of xanthism (or leucism, not sure which). Cool catch either way.

"I swear if you catch another drum"

Gr8b8's picture

I’ve caught them in varying intensitys of xanthism and the ones with less gold from this creek are for sure redbreast.

Hunter J- Greenway