Sucker, Blue DocEsox



Colorado River, Texas. Hit on jerkbait.......great fight with this fish....then returned to water.
Date Caught: 
Sunday, December 3, 2017


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Wow man, dream fish right there!  Super dark one, very neat looking.  And its top portion of its tail fin has a chunk missing, just like so many redhorse here in Minnesota.  Its mostly the lower part that the chunk is missing from.  But I've seen it both ways many times before.  Mostly on Greater Redhorse but some Silvers as well.


I do have a question or two for the lucky angler.  Do you feel pretty confident in saying this fish actually hit the lure intending to feed on it?  Was it snagged in the nose or was there a hook hanging from its mouth?  The only reason I ask is because its a pretty unconventional way to catch a fish such as a Blue Sucker, with that sucker mouth and all.  More of a bottom feeder, so to speak.  I'm not saying its totally impossible whatsoever.  Stranger things have happened here on this site over the years.  Quite a few weird catches on weird shit actually.  But the Blue Sucker has been kind of a mystery for most of us.  Most of us will probably never catch one, much less even witness one, especially here in Minnesota where their numbers are really low. 



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Doc, I can't be 100% sure but I'm pretty confident this fish tagged the lure.  It was ironic cause the guide friend I was with was chatting with me (about an hour earlier) about working with a team of researchers who were shocking to find and tag blue suckers about 2 or 3 months before this trip in early December.  In 3 days they didn't come up with one.  He and a few other guide friends were prospecting new areas on the lower Colorado 3 or 4 years ago and caught 2 blue suckers on crawdad fly imitations while flyfishing for bass. I've always wanted to catch one but didn't expect it.   The river was low and quite clear.  I was making a few long casts over a deep, heavy riffle stretch with a rocky bottom.  Shea McClanahan, my guide, said these are classic type runs for blue suckers....heck he was as excited as I was.....there was much high fiving and knuckle bumps.  The back treble hook on the lure I was using had a barb planted just under the nose and another right in front of the mouth.....within 1/4 inch.  Whichever way the beast hit it will be one I remember.


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Blue suckers bring out some interesting viewpoints. 

Very cool looking fish. I got to see one in person when Andy snagged one on the WI River. Thank you for sharing the pic of your catch. Doc is asking questions to help with a pattern. One of my want to catch fish is the Pleco and in March I got one to take a jog below a dam so I know bottom feeders will hit lures in situations. I hope to catch a Blue someday!

Any info on the conditions like water level, clarity, weather, river bottom and current would be very helpful in putting together a pattern. Quillback are another fish that used to be rarely caught here and now it is pretty common due to observations. 

It is all perspective!

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