St. Louis Burbot

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St. Louis Burbot
<p>I went down to gooseneck earlier today and I&#39;ve heard it&#39;s the place to go to catch burbot this time of year so I thought I would give it a try. There was about four inches of ice and I started fishing around three and ended at about 6:45. I was using a trout-n-pout spoon with a cut of smelt on it and on the other rod I had a fathead on I never even got a nibble. I plan on going out every night (except the third) to catch one and was wondering if anyone had any tips or would like to take me out with them to catch some. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>
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Thanks for the report! Keep on 'em!!!

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Not an expert but....

I have only been pout fishing in that area a couple of times thru the ice. And from what I remember the fish seemed to be way up high. Sometimes only a foot or two below the suface. Also timing is another key factor. Just keep on pluggin away. When ya do get into 'em it'll be "rad".

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I have been to the Nemaji twi

I have been to the Nemaji twice in the last 2 weeks by Hwy 53 in superior. not even a bite. What is going on? they used to do good  there years ago!!!!! I have never heard of getting them suspended i always thought you had to be on the bottom?

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Thanks for all the help!

On my third attempt out there it was the first time I seen people catching some. As I watched everyone bringing them in and I  was jigging my trout-n-pout spoon, I felt the tiniest little bump, set the hook, and reeled him in. It was so awesome to catch something new (and tasty too) thanks for all the help guys

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awesome post

i really wanna make a trip up there....... maybe crazy enough to do it on saturday.

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Congrats Jolly R

Way to go Jolly. Congrats on your catch! we might try tonight. Sounds like it is on ! Did you get em on the bottom or up high ?

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Congrats man, wheres the pict

Congrats man, wheres the picture?

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