Sport Netting Tulibees

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Sport Netting Tulibees
<p>I&#39;m interested in sport&nbsp;gill netting Lake Herring/Cisco/Tullibee (whatever you choose to call them) this coming October on an inland lake. I know as much about it as the MN Fishing Regulations will tell me, but I&#39;m at a loss for specifics on net placement and location in the lake. I&#39;ve asked around my area for people with experience doing this, but it seems to be a dying art. Does anyone have any useful knowledge (or even a valid hyperlink) that can help me get started? The regulation state net size at 3&#39; x 100&#39; max. with a stretch size&nbsp;of 1 3/4&quot; in no deeper than 6&#39; of water.</p>
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Since this is an angling webs

Since this is an angling website with a the majority of members practicing primarily catch and release I am not sure how much help or experience any of us will have for you.

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I'd be curious to know how yo

I'd be curious to know how you can make a sport out of netting fish (during the spawning period no less)...?




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I don't know the first thing about gill netting tullibees but I know a lot of dudes who gill net on East Coast tidal rivers for Gizzard Shad to use as catfish bait.  You might want to look around something the catfish forums for some general knowledge about recreational gillnetting.  From what I've heard, it's not that easy!