Son's first time fishing

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Son's first time fishing
<p>Mother&#39;s Day weekend I had the opportunity to do one of those big life events I wont ever forget... getting to take my son fishing for the first time.&nbsp; I am sure all of you dad&#39;s out there can relate to how exciting it is to watch your mini version doing what you love and carrying on that tradition.</p> <p>I apologize for having to request you visit&nbsp;my blog if you want to read about it or see photos...&nbsp; I am havng terrible time getting photos to post on this site since the new changes.&nbsp; Likely human error... also caught a decent drum that I will be trying to post once I figure out what I&#39;m doing wrong.</p>
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Right on! One of the pivotal

Right on!

One of the pivotal events in a kid's (and a parent's) life. The cool thing is that it stays wesome for a long time. The first time they walk is exciting, but not that long after that they're just a person who can walk. But the magic of fishing with your kid(s) keeps on being magical at least until they approach the teen years, and even if it fails for a while the seeds are planted and will probably re-grow once they get past those years.


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Nice work!   I can't remember

Nice work!


I can't remember where it is but there are directions on the site somewhere for posting pics.  It isn't that hard but it is a good bit different than the old method.  Hopefully someone will link the directions, I can't remember where they are. 

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posting images

Nice job with the little one, Coolwater!  To embed an image in a post, just click on the "image" icon in the editor window.  It is in the top row of icons 4 to the left of the smileyface.  Then, paste the url of your photo there and it will show up.  

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Thanks everyone

I hope I have a long lifetime of fishing memories to make with him!  (and the daughter too, in time!)

Thanks Andy... will test it.  Also want to say I love your new avatar.  (might not be so new now, but new to me seeing it!)

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Photo test

Okay, so apparently it was just IE, should have known.  Did the same thing in Firefox and worked with ease.  Photo below is a few nights ago where he didn't want to use the Spiderman pole, he wanted the "big boy" rod.

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