Some Sunfish IDs

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Some Sunfish IDs
<p>I fished the East River in Connecticut these past few days, mainly with live worms. I ended up mainly with sunfish, most of which appeared to be hybrids. I&#39;d like some help with the IDs.</p> <p>I&#39;m almost 100% certain that some of these, if not all of them, are redbreast sunfish x green sunfish hybrids. I think I may have one or two green sunfish x bluegill hybrids as well.</p> <p>Each photo below should be a different fish.</p> <p>1.&nbsp;</p> <p>2.&nbsp;</p> <p>3.&nbsp;</p> <p>4.&nbsp;</p> <p>5.&nbsp;</p> <p>6.&nbsp;</p> <p>7.&nbsp;</p> <p>8.&nbsp;</p> <p>Thanks in advance for any help.</p>
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All pure redbreasts, the gems

All pure redbreasts, the gems of the east.