So angry..

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J Dunfee
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So angry..
<p>I made it out to a favorite local spot today. Had an incredible time doing nothing particularly special.&nbsp;I haven&#39;t written a report up in forever, but for some reason it inspired me to write up&nbsp;a deep, heartfelt one, the spur of the moment kind you can&#39;t really write twice. Spent a good&nbsp;half hour uploading pics&nbsp;n 15 mins&nbsp;writing. Then when I went to copy it to make sure nothing had timed out, (opened microsoft word) for SOME REASON my computer decided to restart.. ?</p> <p>I can&#39;t even describe how pissed I am right now. Just need someone to sympathize with me here lol</p>
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We've all had similar things happen. Shits the bed in a major way.

Still, please re-write and put something up.

Been too long since we've seen something from your end!

Fishn sure is neat

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I know the feeling. Back when we used dial up. I had about an hour into something pics and story, and before I could click submit, someone picked up the phone to dial out. Just like that, game over.

the pyromaniac
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That sucks dude! Was this
That sucks dude! Was this report related to that sweet fish in your new FB profile pic?




Let there be fire!

Mike B
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I'm there right now. Hate my

I'm there right now. Hate my wife's HP. It's effin' me up as I write this. Why can't enter bar just do that, DAMMIT.


mike b