Smallmouth Buffalo Baits

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Smallmouth Buffalo Baits
<p>Hey guys, my name is Brad. I am relatively new to this account, but I use this website a lot for information. I have recently found a new spot to fish at near my house. It is a drainage canal starting at a large oxbow lake by my house that flows to the Missouri River (basically the lowermost part mostly before it hits the Mississippi). During periods of heavy rain, they say the fishing is excellent there, but it is incredibly low right now though. Anyways, I have been fishing there quite a bit and am having tons of luck catching catfish, bullheads, common carp, grass carp, asian carps, goldeyes, drum, and occasional sucker. It is paradise for a roughfisherman. I have been seeing incredibly large smallmouth buffalo in there though. Some 30 pounds and above. However, I can&#39;t get them to bite. They are often feeding along the rocky and sandy banks with half their back out of the water sometimes. I try to slowly lower a nightcrawler or corn on a hook right in front of their mouth, but they usually just don&#39;t take it. Only once have I gotten one to take a nightcrawler. Anyways, I was wondering if I should try a different bait, or maybe let the buffalo come to my bait instead of me going to them? If any help or information can be provided, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; -Brad</p>
Tyler W
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Buff Bait

My go to buffalo bait is the trusty night crawler. But, in the same place I use a crawler some people use gobs of the local stringly green algae. If you can see them feeding try to figure out what they are eating and match the hatch. Chuming with corn and/ or horse feed can also get them going.


When you catch some 20+ lbers please post the photos. I dream of buffalo like that.

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Crawlers seem to work better

Crawlers seem to work better in early spring and late fall.  The WI dnr uses a bait they call, "soy cake" to bait their trap nets with for catfish and they find that it also attracts Buffalo.  In fact, their traps will fill up with Buffalo.  The fisheries guy gave me some soy cake and I have yet to try it.  I would think ground baiting with some kind of soybean product and using coil feeders would be highly effective.  He also informed me that they would soak the soy cake in water and leave it in the sun for a few days to give it a more ripe scent.  I'm not sure if a more fermented bait might be better.   

Garmaster Bob in WI

Sure they are't bigmouths? having no knowledge of your fish id experience so not trying to be insulting. If they won't take anything they sound like bigmouths more than smallmouths. Just wondering.

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They are definitely

They are definitely smallmouths. I have been fishing my whole life pratically everyday in the summer so I know my fish haha. There are bigmouths and smallmouths there. And even maybe black buffalos as well.

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mFinally caught some

mFinally caught some smallmouths today! Two eight pounders and a six pounder! And a small bigmouth in between. Put  a crawler in front of there face and within about a few seconds, I felt a thmp on the line and sure enough, they were hooked! Gonna try and get some more tomorrow. Thanks guys.

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Nice buffs!  Chunky.  Well done!

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Did the little Bigmouth (4th pic down) hit a worm too?
We say Buffalo rooting in Illinois, but couldnt get them to hit. 

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Look at how big the lips are

Look at how big the lips are on the last photo fish.  Pretty sure their all smallmouths (except the small bigmouth), but you usually see them big puffy lips on the blacks.  Good to know both species can have them...

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Yeah, I sort of put it in

Yeah, I sort of put it in front of him, and he sucked it up. It was pretty cool. I'm going to try and catch some more today.

Carp Chaser
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awesome! great looking spot.

awesome! great looking spot. not easy getting any kind of buffalo so you did real good.

"There's always a bigger fish"