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Jason E.
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Roundup goals?
<p>Okay, I just had a sucky ice fishing trip and need to think about more positive angling experiences.&nbsp; What are your goals for the 2013 roundup?&nbsp; Last year, I wanted to catch something a little bit unusual, and did even better than I hoped.&nbsp;I caught a both a channel catfish and a&nbsp;black bullhead.&nbsp; I also&nbsp;even managed to win a sweet redhorse I.D. poster that is now hanging in my man-cave.</p> <p>This year, I hope to catch a fish longer than 20 inches.&nbsp; I also hope to catch ONE of these three types of fish:</p> <p>1. Mooneye</p> <p>2. Sturgeon (lake or shovelnose)</p> <p>3. Blue sucker</p> <p>They&#39;re ranked from most likely to happen to &quot;out of this world amazing miracle catch.&quot;&nbsp; I haven&#39;t caught a mooneye at the roundups recently, for&nbsp;some weird reason, so it would be nice to pull one in this year.&nbsp;</p> <p>So, how about it.&nbsp; What are your goals for 2013?&nbsp;</p>
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Shovelnose Sturgeon is an

Shovelnose Sturgeon is an attainable catch at the roundup - they ain't common but I think three were caught last year so it is doable.  Stonecat should be easy, can't say I saw any "big" ones but lots of typical sized ones. 


I don't have much for Roundup goals - just hang out.  If the Redhorsin' is good I might get all fancy pants try and catch one on a centerpin or maybe a fly rod.  Or maybe I'll go the opposite direction and do some handlining...

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I want to catch a Great White

I want to catch a Great White Shark on a fly through the ice at Hogsucker beach.


A personal best Silver Redhorse would be cool too.

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I want to catch a Great White

I want to catch a Great White Shark on a fly through the ice at Hogsucker beach.

New goal.  I want to see this!

Dr Flathead
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I want to run some stonecats

I want to run some stonecats thru the grinder.  Make some stonecat patties.  MMMMMMM

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Anyone up for an East Coast

Anyone up for an East Coast roundup?

Hell, I'll fish in a mudhole

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sucker balls
Looking forward to trying some deep fried sucker balls! Read about them on here from a past roundup??? Looking forward to meeting everyone, and fishing regardless of what I catch.



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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My goal is to observe from a

My goal is to observe from a safe distance while wishing I was there with you guys. I've been achieving this goal last couple of yearsangry




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For me.....

My goal is to get the thing called work to let me off and woop Kols ass this year. Booyah bizatch!

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Dt, I for one would not bet
Dt, I for one would not bet against you! I know you want that trophy bad..
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What Eli said...


*If the inimitable Kol wins it for a third time, will he get to keep the trophy??

Fishn sure is neat

Eric Kol
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Did I hear smack talk?

Thought I heard my favorite topic broached.... smack talk with DT 

DT make sure to get Monday off of work too so you can have an extra day cry in your beer

That trophy and I go way back, I see no reason to break that relationship.

DT, I'm thinkin' It's happy in Minneapolis. I've finished consulting with my architect and feng sheui specialist and the first week of June i'm building an addition off the side of the house to contain the redhorse shrine. If you want you can visit, but you'll need to bring incense, rum and a dozen crawlers to leave at the door..... a beheaded chicken will work in a pinch but the devout might be offended.

I'm going to have to get creative though. I'm coming up thursday, but have a 1/2 marathon to run in Minneapolis Saturday morning. So if I leave Lanesborough either late late friday night or early early saturday morning, run really fast then jump back in my ride and fly back down to Lanesborough I might make the starting whistle. What time do we normally kick off that bad boy?

But to be back on topic. My goals are simply to see my friends, meet some new ones, fish the sh*t out of that part of Minnesota and leave better than I came down. Like Tony I'd like to mess around with some other tackle (my center pin is about to die from neglect). This round-up is good medicine.

Carpy Diem!

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Two words...


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First and foremost,  enjoy

First and foremost,  enjoy everyones company.  I would really enjoy learning how to use a centerpin rod as well.

Just your run of the mill Orvis Boy.  Fly fishing elitist.  I cannot hear you over my false casting.  All guided trips every day.

Fishing for compliments since 88.

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Roundup Goals

Well. this winter I built a few new banksticks.  They're a 3-foot chunk of sharpened, enamel-painted steel with a forked deer antler on top.  I don't know what y'all rest your rod on while sucker fishin', but as for me, I got myself a sharp chunk of steel with with a goddamn forkhorn deer antler on it, and I want to use that to catch myself a sucker or two at the Roundup.  That's my goal.  I also built an extra one to give away as a prize for the species contest.  It's a goddamn 3-foot chunk of sharp steel with a forked deer horn on top to rest your rod on while fishing.  You can use it to support your rod while catching light-biting suckers or to fight off an enraged grizzly bear.  I just want to witness the best roughfishers in the world compete for the ultimate prize.  And if I win, then I get an extra bankstick.

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new goal..
Aside from meeting new friends, and not careing what I catch I now have a new goal. Winning a goddamn 3-foot chunk of sharp steel with a forked deer horn on top to rest your rod on while fishing! :-)



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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That was funny Perkins!