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Roll call!
<p>The site is weird and funky right now. &nbsp;Spring Species Contest is right around the corner, who is ready to lay the SMACKDOWN in June?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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I was doing my planning and getting HYPED for it! I'm gonna lay the smackdown on some fishes (and definitely crush Tony this year). So excited to fish some new locations for old fish and catch new fish!

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I'm in

This is gonna be awesome

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Let’s go!

No way I have any chance of winning, but if I can place in the top 20 competitors that’d be pretty rad. The first 20 species shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I’ll be pumped if I can get to 30. Likely doing all of my June fishing in one state, too.

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Xmas time for roughfishers

This year will be a little different for me. Due to scheduling conflicts I'll be late out of the gate this year and will not be able to match the intensity I've put in over the last three years. That said, my time to shine will come in week 3, which I have taken off of work to dedicate to this year's fishing vacation. As of now I am planning on spending the majority of it targeting species in my home state that I still have trouble with - this is kind of a "experiment to become a better angler" vacation this year. I'll be roughing it by myself for four days straight, camping on sandbars that I'll reach with the new tiny boat I finally bought after putting it off for years. If I can manage 35 species from my home state this year including species that have been elusive to me so far, I will consider it my finest outing yet - despite the numbers not being as high as when I make a mad dash out of state. Adventure calls!

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Eric Kol
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Totally pumped

Yeah dude. I am excited for this year. I hope to be in the top 20 and qualify for the rod drawing. Also looking at a sweet trip mid June and many potential lifers. 

Carpy Diem!

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Omg this June will be so fun


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Goldberg, Adam

*raises hand* PRESENT!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.