River turns Yellow

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River turns Yellow
<p>http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/colorado-mine-spill-spews-metallic-discharge-into-waterways-1.3186359</p> <p>Rough times!!</p>
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Coming to a watershed near yo

Coming to a watershed near you! All in the name of 'jobs and growth' (greed).



Just wait until the sand dams along the Athabaska River start failing. It'll make incidents like this look like a soap slick in a bathtub by comparison. 




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hmmmm... A business solution

hmmmm... A business solution to a costly cleanup was avoided 90 years ago by literally keeping it burried. How many more of these time capsules are around?


How many of these are we creating in Alberta?

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Lots of similar monsters lurking...

Over time we will see this happen a lot, unfortunately.  I think one of the biggest old gold mines lies just outside of Mike B's hometown of Yellowknife NWT.  I have heard terrible things about the disaster potential of the Giant Mine, where recently they decided to freeze all of the arsenic waste in a n attempt to lock it away forever.  Not good, anywhere this type of thing occurs.

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a lot.

Andy, there's enough rat poison buried under that fucker to poison a whole lot of people (not to mention destroy Great Slave Lake) should it ever leak...which it will, of course, as these things always happen eventually.






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That's some of the most depressing shit ever.

Alberta? Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine...



Fishn sure is neat