Redhorse, Silver Drubaru



Zumbro River
Date Caught: 
Monday, October 21, 2019


Graceclaw's picture

I'm liking what you've posted so far - welcome to the site! I love the Zumbro - it's probably my favorite river in Minnesota to fish. 

Drubaru's picture

Thanks man! Been meaning to join this page all year, but been busy trying to catch me some fish :p

andy's picture

Also wanted to welcome you here, Drubaru.  I am digging all of your photos!  You are the infamous gooseneck bend burbot bobsledder, correct? The guy who rode an otter sled down the cliff?  Haha

Drubaru's picture

Pumped to finally be a member here! And hell yeah, my names drew the burbot bobsledder and this is Jackass lol

tom's picture

Lol you'll fit right in.