Redhorse, Silver Captain Brandt



caught on a night crawler and slip sinker rig. Chippewa river, WI. 22 inches catch and release.
Date Caught: 
Sunday, May 5, 2019
upon further review I changed this to a silver redhorse. let me know if I should change it back to a Greater redhorse


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I believe what you have here is a Silver Redhorse, not a Greater. Greater redhorse have a different head and body shape (less like a football), and also have an orange or red tail fin. Additionally, I've never heard of a Greater being caught out of the Chippewa. Still a really nice Silver!

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wasn't sure   if it was a Greater or a silver. 

how do I go about changing it so it fits the correct spot on the life list?

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figured it out.


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Head/body/mouth shape between the two is easy once you've handled enough of each but the easiest way to tell between Greaters and Silvers is the tail (caudal) fin.  Silvers will typically have a grayish tail fin, Greaters will have a redish or orangish tail fin.  There are Greaters in the Chippewa river though Silvers are significantly more common.  River Redhorse are not uncommon to see on some parts of the Chippewa, which is a protected species in WI and that could be confused with Greaters - both being large, redtailed redhorse. 

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Thanks for the info.  I’ll be sure to reference this info in the future.