Redhorse, Silver

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It seems like the only way these upload rightside-up is from an iPhone or a Windows computer.....I have tried to upload them from my Android device (where they were taken) and just now from a Mac.....I promise I am trying to upload non-ugly pics! I actually really liked the top one.....

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I've ran into the same issue intermitantly with android.   Here's a work around that worked for me.   In android gallery hit the edit button, rotate the image to the correct orientation (even if it is the same orientation), save, then upload.   This has been working 100% for me.  I suspect it is a quirk with certain android camera/gallery apps depending on the orientation when the image is taken and what the "smart" phone thinks is best.  I haven't bothered test enough to figure out the why as I stopped caring once I figured out the silly work around.  

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Leave it to the IT guy to figure it out :)