Redhorse in or South of the Twin Cities

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Redhorse in or South of the Twin Cities
<p>As you can tell by my signature, finding redhorse is a priority for me this year. &nbsp;I live just south of the Twin Cities. &nbsp;I can travel (and do go up to the St. Croix when I can), but could put more time into it on a weekly basis if I could find redhorses in the MN, Missisippi, Canon, or Vermillion rivers. Any advice you can (or are willing to) give would be great.</p> <p>Thanks,</p> <p>Andy</p>
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Man, you have redhorse all over down there. Greaters in the Cannon and Root, Goldens like crazy in the Straight River at Owatonna, Silvers and Shortheads in the Mississippi. Never caught any in the Vermillion, but they are in the Zumbro. And then there's the Root River, one of Minnesota's best redhorse streams. Find a current break and fish stationary with a forked stick on the bottom with a piece of crawler and a #6 hook. You're bound to catch some.

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I'm super excited to get down

I'm super excited to get down there for the roundup and fish the Root!  Hoping for a greater, hogsucker, and stonecat!  My dad may be able to get off work this year to go, I know we've been talking about it alot.  We were very close to it when we went to the Winona area but have yet to cast a line into the redhorse filled Root!  I can't wait to test my horsey senses there!!!! 8)

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Thanks!  The Root is a bit

Thanks!  The Root is a bit far for what I am looking for (not that I don't want to go there, but it is about 2 hours away; I'm closer to familiar spots on the Croix).  What I am really looking for is somewhere the boy and I can go after work in the evenings.  The lower Canon is only 20 min from me, so I think I'll start there. From the recent DNR survey, it looks like a very healthy ecosystem.

Life list goals for 2022: Silver Redhorse, Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse, Bowfin, Channel Cat (I have caught many channels years ago, but have no pictures)