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Redhorse ID
I'm fairly sure I did not luck into a River Redhorse, but I just wanted to check with you guys to make sure this is indeed a Shorthead. Caught it on the Grand River in MI, it measured a little over 20". Thanks!
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Yes, that's a shorthead.

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Looks like a shorthead, but t

Looks like a shorthead, but there are some monster river redhorse in the Grand and in some of the tribs.  Lowell is a good spot to find them along with big greaters and lots of goldens.  Unfortunately it is also a popular spot for bowfishing and piles of rotting redhorse on the bank can make for a bummer of a trip.

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Yep, head's too small to be a

Yep, head's too small to be a river.




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Grand River boys

Nice fish SilverLake.  Was that your intended target or were you steelheading?  I got into a few steelies earlier downtown, but I still want to catch a few suckers before it's catfish time.  

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Sucker Fishing
I was trying to catch suckers, so far caught a few Golden Redhorse, Shorthead Redhorse, White Suckers, and a White Perch.
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Hey guys, same question on

Hey guys, same question on this one.


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Based on this, I'd say River

Based on this, I'd say River based on head shape, mouth shape, and the number of scales around the tail; but I'm doing so more to learn than from experience.  Wait til the experts chime in (i.e., not me) for a definitive answer. ;)

Life list goals for 2022: Silver Redhorse, Greater Redhorse, River Redhorse, Bowfin, Channel Cat (I have caught many channels years ago, but have no pictures)

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Oh yeah, sure seems like a River to me! Those big fleshy lips are hard to miss, and the body shape is a bit off for a shorthead. Cool catch broski!