Redhorse, Greater Mike B



A stream in southwestern Ontario
Date Caught: 
Monday, July 25, 2016
Saw this fish a couple times before it bit, then tempted with a piece of crawler on the bottom. Measured 26 inches.


Goldenfishberg's picture

I love this picture! If there was a magazine called Super Duper Heavy Duty Dudes you would find yourself on the cover of it Sir, and the greater would make the centerfold. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Eli's picture

Mike's already been a centerfold in a few mags.

They even made a movie about him called Magic Mike. Check it out.




Mike B's picture

Not sure all quarters would agree with the "super duty" part but definitely heavy. Glad you enjoyed the pic!

mike b

Phil's picture

There is no one alive who could possibly look deep into the eye of that red finned mammoth (or the fisherman behind it) and even dare to think of any descriptor falling short of super duty – that is one heck of a nozzle nose!  Truly awesome fish Mike and as usual a stunning and iconic photo.  

Mike B's picture

Haha, no I meant I'M heavy, as in making the dial on my bathroom scale spin round, but agreed ... Those lips are awesome!

mike b