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Puerto Rico
<p>Anybody here ever fish in Puerto Rico? We&#39;re going for a week in February and hope to shore/wade fish on Isla de Vieques, possibly fish the urban lagoons in San Juan by kayak for snook and tarpon, and maybe even chase mountain mullet and bigmouth sleeper in freshwater jungle rivers. Apparently some of the lakes have Peacock Bass and other introduced cichlids but that may not fit into our itinerary.</p>
Dr Flathead
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That sounds like a fantastic

That sounds like a fantastic fishing trip.  Good luck.  Dont know anything about that area but it sure sounds fishy...

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I had to go to PR on business

I had to go to PR on business right in the middle of June this past year. . .  was definitly dreaming about trying to get away for an evening to chase those moutain mullet but alas it never happened.  There are some really juicy streams, dams and spillways up in the mountains but I would caution that traffic coming in and out of San Juan can multiply travel time signiicantly. if I was going with limited time I would definitely try to position near a key area and maximize time on the water rather than burn too much time on the road.  good luck!

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Can't help you, but good luck

Can't help you, but good luck! Those mountain mullet look pretty neat.