Progress is being made my friends!

Not to long ago I'm sure some of you seen the articles on the Bigmouth Buffalo in our area that are estimated to be well over 100 years old and really gave them some good publicity.  We've been preaching all over our area to stop shooting them and bowfin, gar, roughs period and people are slowly seeing the light.  However today we were happy to see when we went to one of our favorite local fishing spots so FP could do his cleanup challenge, this sign was now posted dead center in the entrance trail, it's never been here on the property before anywhere!  This particular area is loaded with roughfish especially Bigmouths and turns into a bloodbath when the water gets shallow as it's usually pretty clear and fish are easy to see all day long, glad to finally see it stopped and no dead fish laying everywhere!  Progress may be slow but it is happening! Tight lines and have a great summer!  FP Crew

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