A pound away...

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A pound away...
<p><img alt="" src="https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/983754_645547472140092_1261786933_n.jpg" style="width: 720px; height: 960px;" />So I caught a 7 pound shortnose gar.......world record&#39;s 8 pounds. One pound away unfortuantely. I know there&#39;s a record out there. Hopefuly I can get him. Too bad Missouri has the world record, because if it hadn&#39;t, I could have the state record at least haha. Will let you guys know if I find a bigger one!</p>
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That is a monstrous shortnose

That is a monstrous shortnose!  awesome catch man


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Not to rain on your parade but...

Someone chime in on this but I believe if the tail has spots like that it's a Longnose x Shortnose but most fish biologists would give it to you if it was a record. Still a great catch though. Giant shortnose if I am wrong.

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The shortnoses I've caught al

The shortnoses I've caught all have pretty much the same black-spotted orange/yellow/pink tails as longnoses, and they can't all be hybrids.

That is the fattest shortnose I've ever seen by far. Nice job. Lure or bait?


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Wow what a fish!

Great catch, keep it up Brad!

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Nice catch for sure. A lb is

Nice catch for sure. A lb is a lot when you're talking "small" fish...




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There's always some spots on

There's always some spots on and near the tail of a shortnose but I guess when there are spots on the body way up toward the head and if there are spots on the head then its possibly a hybrid. either way thats a great catch Brad and huge shortnose.

The shortnose we catch here have much less spotting on the tail than that. They usually have a couple spots and thats it. I'll dig up my shortnose photos later and check em ouit. That looks like a longnose tail on a shortnose gar body.

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shortnose tail shots

This is from the day I caught my lifer shortnose (and a dozen or two non-lifers):


And just the tail (same fish):

Man, was that a fun day! If that river would stop flooding I'd be back there to start the contest this weekend. (And I'd be bringing home a bunch of shortnose for the smoker as I think they'll make excellent jerky.)

Compare the girth of the one I'm holding (fairly average for what I usually catch) to the one at the top of this thread!


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wow nice one!
I was not off much from the WI longnose record. Only thing to do is keep trying!!! Gunner that looks like a WI River longnose :-)



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Mississippi River shorts

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Monster shortnose!  Solid catch!  Well done.

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I caught this guy on cut gizz

I caught this guy on cut gizzard shad like I always use. I have never seen longnose in the lake though. All I see is shortnose and nothing else and I'm not sure why.

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Yeah Dude!

That is a beast of a Shortnose!

Great catch. Did you get a length on that critter?

Fishn sure is neat