photographing pollution now a crime in WY

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photographing pollution now a crime in WY
<p></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Americans, your country is getting weirder by the day.</p>
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Messed up!

I heard about this a whiel ago and it is messed up. 

I agree this crap is getting wierd and I do not like it one bit. Anything you put online can be found and if you commit a crime they can punish you even though the only evidence is in what you posted. I wish I was a hermit that never went online but I am hooked and can't let go.

I understand why my Uncle went Amish.


It is all perspective!

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Unconstitutional is an understatement.

Unfortunately, unless a LOT of people make a fuss about it (I'm talking every news network, Greenpeace, etc), it won't be treated as a very high priority, and the law will probably be abused for at least a few years.

Of course, I could be wrong. Probably am. I don't have much faith in Americans right now though, with the way this current election cycle has gone.

Oops. Politics on a fishing board. I'm done, I promise.

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Ha, these Onion articles are

Ha, these Onion articles are getting really far fetched...

Fishn sure is neat

This isn't a joke
This isn't a joke I checked it out myself on the Wyoming State Legislature's official website. Pretty concerning stuff. As Winston Churchill said in 1944, "...the first responsibility of [government] is not only to pass good laws, but also to stop bad laws", and Edmund Burke's quote also used as a reminder over 70 years ago about very similar issues, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." Unchecked, small problems can grow out of control rapidly. Let's hope and pray - and vote - it doesn't get as bad as it did 76 years ago....
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It's as simple as that, just terrible. When state governments start recognizing science as a crime is when you can be 100% sure that there is much more corruption than the usual among present in politics. Nationwide things like this certainly aren't going to improve if Drumpf the psychopath somehow gets in to office, but I'll try to avoid any further discussion of politics here just to avoid arguments, though I think many of us have similar ideologies.


On an "unrelated" note, how's the fishing up in Canda where you are, Eli? The Lake Trout and Burbot opportunities are already tempting, then you've got several other species like Musky, Walleye, Redhorse, and even the infamous Red River Channel Cats! Canada is seeming increasingly awesome (both fishing and living wise) for a guy like me living in the US right now. I wouldn't mind checking out the Northern European countries like Ireland, Iceland, Norway, etc. either but I'm not sure if anyone here fishes over there. What country are you from, Hengelaar? Somewhere in continental Europe if I remember right, correct?

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there ya go, step #210 in the

there ya go, step #210 in the great dumbing down of 'Merica. Same folks that have made it illeagal to have scientists involved in critical hearings about environmental issues. We reap what we sow.

Carpy Diem!

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Pollution and politics aside.

Pollution and politics aside...

With this law in place, if I were to witness..I dunno....someone harming a child on their property, and I was to take photo and send it to authorities, I could be charged for photographing without the property owner's consent...???

Photographing a meth lab would get me sentensed along side the cook?

Hope this makes sense to someone out there, because I don't get it.




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Hey Divemaster Manitoba ain't

Hey Divemaster Manitoba ain't so bad. From big bullheads, channel cats and carp to multiple succesful trout stockings (tigers, splake, browns, brookies etc). Quillbacks, bigmouths and about 5 other species of suckers. Goldeye galore, jumbo perch, freshwater drum that rival the great lakes, the list goes on. Head up north for HUGE PIKE and Lakers or native brookies and graylings. I've fished over 100 bodies of water and barely made a dent. Not to mention a 2 - 4 hour drive to LOTW and NW Ontario depending on where you live.  (big everything, including muskies)


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Manitoba sounds great! I need

Manitoba sounds great! I need to take trip up there within the next few years. There and up to The NWT and Labrador, which look like the best Laker and Brookie fishing in the world respectively.

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It's ridiculous, but...

Yes, this is completely absurd, but this sort of thing isn't just happening in the US.  Canada muzzled scientists and buried research that was unfavorable to heavy industry (you know, like the fact that they're basically poisoning everything) throughout Harper's tenure in office.  Here in America we just have a propensity for being obnoxious and lacking subtlety and that gets us more press. The problem is not one backward country, it's entrenched interests everywhere that will hold on down to their last fingernail to maintain the status quo--regardless of the damage they're doing.


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Yeah true dat, Tektite. I mak

Yeah true dat, Tektite. I make no excuses for Harper and his army of retards. 


Anyways, I've thought about this more and I'm convinced that the reason behind this law in WY is the increased use of personal drone cameras.




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It's easy to deny something i

It's easy to deny something if you don't allow people to see the facts (or take pictures). 


sigh.... Canada had too many dark years, here's hoping things change.