Pass Lake

Hook: TMC 3761 (stremer/nymph) sz 6-10
Thread: Black uni 8/0-6/0
Tail: Ginger/brown hackle fibers
Body: Black chenille
Wing: White calf tail
Hackle: Ginger/brown saddle
Head: Thread

The Pass Lake fly is an old brook trout fly. It has roots in the great lakes region. It is considered a classic and has accounted for many fish. It can be tied as a stremer or a more compact nymph. It can be fished dead drift, on a swing or made active like a streamer.....and all presentations are deadly! This fly is often forgotten or overlooked but should be in your box. I fish it in lakes and streams and consider it a must have for warmwater fish. I have caught trout, bass, sunfish, crappie........

I think this fly will also work well for carp and others. This fly excells as part of a two fly/tandem rig.


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Interesting that you give its origin as the Great Lakes region. I first heard of this fly at a fly shop near Chicago, where I was told it originated in northern Wisconsin and that no one knew where the name came from because there is NO lake with that name anywhere in the US. Some time later, I came across an article (I've long since forgotten where) that claimed the fly originated in the Cascade mountains east of Seattle, on a lake named Pass Lake near Snoqualmie Pass. I've never checked to see if such a lake exists, but there are lakes in that area. Still later I found a Pass Lake south of Anacortes, WA, in Skagit County, almost due east of Victoria, BC. I'm not going to go looking for the fly's history, though. I just like it because it works.


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Eric Kol submitted this pattern and description.

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I changed the author to Eric Kol

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Gunnar, I'll check one of my books. I have the name of the original tier there and it is a WI native.

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