North Shore Salmon question

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North Shore Salmon question
<p>So my cousin goes to school at UMD, and I plan on visiting him the first weekend of october, and we plan on doing some fishing while i&#39;m there. Do you guys think there will still be some salmon in the north shore&nbsp;rivers by then? Or should we focus our efforts elsewhere?</p>
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Which "North Shore"?

If you were referring to California/Oregon, the salmon runs happen sooner on big rivers than they do on the smaller rivers. The Smith and Chetco will have salmon until Christmas. Then it will be steelhead.

Larger rivers are already slowing down. The Klamath has been slow for a week. The Rogue was a bust this year.

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He's asking about the NS of L

He's asking about the NS of Lake Superior.  By first weekend of october the NS Pinks ought to be done, but they might still be around on the SS - maybe.  Otherwise Cohos and Kings ought to be around somewhere but that will be condition dependent.  Best to look at reports and ask around the week before you go to get current conditions.  I no longer live there (unfortunately) so I am of little help.