North Dakota Species?

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North Dakota Species?
<p>Hey everyone, we all know the contest starts tomorrow.&nbsp; But unfortunately I will be in Bismarck, ND for the most part of June working.&nbsp; I was curious if anyone had any idea what kind of species I could get into in that area.&nbsp; I can&#39;t find much information, does anyone know if ND DNR has a fish mapper or anything.&nbsp; I won&#39;t get too much time to fish while I am down there pretty much only at night. I know if I drive an hour north I have a better shot at more diversity but with the little time I will have I doubt I will get that opportunity.&nbsp; Any help is much appreciated, thanks and good luck to everyone in the contest.</p>
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Not sure all what they have -

Not sure all what they have - I know they have Pallid Sturgeon!  You could hit up Shorefisherman for advise.  If possible I'd fish the Missouri or maybe some of it's tribs?  Below the dams on the Missouri should have a heck of a good range of species.  Actually Bismark is right on the river, I forgot that!  I'd fish the river every chance you get...

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Should also be some goldeye t

Should also be some goldeye there. That's a bit of a tough one here in MN.

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You've got the Missouri River near there, which has something like 60 species of catchable fish.  Night-fishing might be your best shot at some of them, too.

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Yeah forgot to add that small

Yeah forgot to add that small detail in...the missouri river is only 5 minutes away from my hotel.  I was down there once on a very nice saturday afternoon and the whole place was full of jet skis and pleasure boats.  I only fished for half hour with no bites.  I tried researching as much as i could and couldnt find much for details besides the good walleye fishing.  Are there gar up that far on the river or smallmouth buffalo? 

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I have caught smallmouth buff

I have caught smallmouth buffalo by the dam itself, but the only fish I have caught near bismarck are walleye and pike, but I have not really fished around there much either. The dam has been pretty bad this year so far, but that could change any time. It would be pretty easy to catch carp and suckers if you have a boat and are willing to drive up there. If you do take the trip, I would recommend finding some time when you have plenty of time and camp a bit at the downstream campground, $12 a night if you go the for the primitive sites or $18 a night for the other ones. If you do not have a boat, you can drive a bit downstream and find a spot to shorefish from. By spending a night out there you can catch redhorse, shovelnose and possibly a pallid sturgeon, walleye, white suckers, catfish, goldeye, and pretty much anything else you can think of that would bite something off the bottom.


When I was in Bismarck, I asked around a bit and apparently the fishing is also pretty bad down there lately, but my cousin did say that he "killed a bunch of carp" so it should be possible to catch a few. Needless to say, though, I don't get along well with that cousin at all.

Edit: Also forgot to mention, I have heard of people catching gar up in the area, but I have never seen one for myself.