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<p>I can&#39;t believe this forum really exists.&nbsp; I have been a &quot;make a good day of fishing out of adverse conditions&quot; for years.&nbsp; I have made a pilgramige to Mattawoman Creek in MD after snakeheads, caught gar and bowfin in FL and even spent time fishing for the Tomen in the Philippines. I am happy to see there are like minded people out there!&nbsp; Just wanted to say Hi!&nbsp; Hope to make it back to Mattawoman this fall for another shot at them.</p>
the pyromaniac
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Welcome!  I think you might

Welcome!  I think you might have just found my Facebook group too.  Glad to have you on both, especially since you're only a little over 2 hours from me!




Let there be fire!

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Welcome to!

Welcome to!

Glad you found us!

Don't feed the hippos..



It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, just as long as you're out there doing it.

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Welcome to, drphilwv! Sounds like you fit right in...
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I live right on the Potomac and fish for Snakeheads all the time.  Give me a shout next time you are in the area.

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Welcome aboard!  Let's see some of your big catches~!

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Ditto to what Corey said

Ditto to what Corey said welcome! Now add some fish photos/stories! Maybe even start a Lifelist if u didn't have one already!