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<p>Good evening everyone! I&#39;m just getting into fishing, never really was able to do so before. My dad never really passed down much knowledge about it, so I&#39;m pulling what I can from the internet. I&#39;ve a few things I&#39;d like to do, and not much budget to do them with, so we&#39;ll see how they turn out. Anyway, hello all!</p> <p>Tim K</p>
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Its good to have you around..

Its good to have you around... there's a wealth of knowledge and experience around   Master the fishing you can afford now, worry about the other stuff later! 


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Tim is a personal friend of m

Tim is a personal friend of mine, welcome dude!

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Welcome and better late than never

Welcome to the best and broadest fishing site on the World Wide Web. I to have a very tight budget but you know what the fish don’t care. I have been blessed to have caught way better fish on barely decent gear than many others who have spent thousands for their arsenal and you will to because knowledge is power and you can glean all you wish here for a small investment of time reading. I have found that everyone I have spoken with here is more than willing to share their hard earned knowledge because we all share a passion for all things that swim the deep.

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And welcome from me too.

the pyromaniac
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Welcome!  'Tis a great place,

Welcome!  'Tis a great place, with lotsa great guys who know a lot about fish!  Like DavidG said, go with the fishing you can afford, and you'll do well...  I do a lot of bass fishing and have a lot of money invested in that, but I also do a lot of low-tech drowning of worms in small streams & rivers, going for chubs, shiners, & suckers...  It's all worthwhile in my opinion...




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Glad to see you around!  If you need a budget to go fishing, then you're doing it wrong.  If you've got a fishin' rod of some kind, you'll be fine.  Feel free to ask any questions you've got. 

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Welcome. Don't worry about a

Welcome. Don't worry about a budget. I've been fishing over 40 years and money has never been an issue. You make due with what you have. You don't NEED expensive gear to catch fish. I have always considered myself a budget fisherman. I may have a lot of rods and reels, but they have accumulated over the years and each serves a purpose. A $20 set-up can catch as many fish as a $100 set-up. Go out, fish, have fun doing it!

Any fish species is worth catching.

Well, I get to make my first

Well, I get to make my first trip out in a while, fishing from the shore of a reservoir in my hometown tonight. Hopefully it goes well...

Tim K
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the pyromaniac
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Let us know how it turns out!

Let us know how it turns out!




Let there be fire!

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I'm new here too. Lots of good info and helpful people. Welcome aboard!

Aaaaaand skunked. Working on

Aaaaaand skunked. Working on borrowing a canoe or kayak to go out next. 

Tim K
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Jason E.
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Hello there, and welcome to a

Hello there, and welcome to a great site!